ANROT Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the development and production of automotive power upgrade kits. At present, the core products are turbocharging kits, mechanical supercharging kits, turbocharging, automotive computer tuning etc. pressurization suite, increasing the turbine, car computer set-up, etc. We base on China is engaged in the automobile dynamic change with more than ten years, is the earliest engaged in turbocharging kits, China mechanical supercharging kits of research and development production, sales and marketing of integrated installation modification. We have a professional r&d team, the first-class research and development of processing equipment, rich experience in the modification of actual combat models rich full suite, cumulative installed models above all cases at home and abroad. We, as a leader of dynamic modification industry in China, has always been adhering to the spirit, the way forward in innovation, and compared with overseas counterparts, maintained close exchange and cooperation, in the development of modified industry at the same time, more committed to give customers with efficient, high-quality service. ANROT turbocharged suite of products to stable and durable. Efficient economic advantages for development for the purpose of production. The company joined more than two hundred dealers, all over the country provinces and cities autonomous region. Products corresponding to a variety of purposes, whether it is a car racing, cars and civil, Marine and industrial use is the best choice. Hardware part from the data collection, process analysis, 3 d modeling, performance testing of production and processing, durability test fatigue testing of multiple test after a successful product. Software part after the corresponding models of relevant traffic adjustment after the high and low altitude, high and low temperature wade, and various kinds of road test, at the same time according to different ECU and engine matching appropriate procedures and embedded solutions.


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