ANROT is a leading automotive aftermarket power modification company in China. The only company in China that integrates R&D, production, sales and after-sales. Support global delivery and installation services! The company's business scope: turbocharger kits, supercharger kits, ECU tuning, high-flow three-way catalysis, etc. It has 6 direct-operated companies and 70 cooperative distributors in China. Main brands: VTracing, Anrot and HKS supercharger kit series!

As the only authorized dealer of Japan HKS supercharger in China, Anrotech has become the leader in China's automotive power modification industry for three consecutive years in terms of global sales volume. With its excellent product performance and perfect after-sales service, it has won customers from all over the world. support and trust.

VT Advantages


Stable and durable

Low noise

1-2 year guarantee

High torque

Linear output

Fuel economy

Non-destructive installation

  • Prado 2700 VT Supercharger kit

    Prado 2700 VT Supercharger kit

  • Pajero V93 VT Supercharger kit

    Pajero V93 VT Supercharger kit

  • Grand Cherokee 3.6

    Grand Cherokee 3.6

  • Lexus 5.7

    Lexus 5.7

  • Land Cruiser5.7 VT Supercharger kit

    Land Cruiser5.7 VT Supercharger kit

  • Sequoia5.7 VT Supercharger kit

    Sequoia5.7 VT Supercharger kit

  • VT - RACING as dynamic modification of a sino-american joint venture company. supercharger are through strict inspection to offline on the product quality control is the perfection of all kinds of test equipment and the most stringent test lab is used to serve the VT - RACING supercharger, n - RACING through the ISO14001 environmental management system certification and ISO/TS16949 quality system certification.VT - RACING supercharger testing laboratory, including product hardness test……
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  • ANROT Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the development and production of automotive power upgrade kits. At present, the core products are turbocharging kits, mechanical supercharging kits, turbocharging, automotive computer tuning etc. pressurization suite, increasing the turbine, car computer set-up, etc. We base on China is engaged in the automobile dynamic change with more than ten years, is the earliest engaged in turbocharging kits……
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  • Japan HKS supercharger only authorized dealer in China, and global sales for three consecutive years the NO1, has become China's auto power converted the leaders of the industry, with excellent product performance and perfect after-sales service is deep global customer support and trust. Companies relying on the advanced technology in the field of industrial products, dedicated to the design and manufacture of high technology products to improve the performance of the car engine system……
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