Patrol 4.0 with VT twin-screw supercharger, so cool!


The best solution for power upgrade of Patrol 4.0--VT twin-screw supercharger

For off-road vehicle modification, we usually think of Wrangler, Tundra and Raptor. In fact, the off-road vehicle midway music should not be forgotten. Born in 1951, Patrol represented the highest off-road level at the time. Up to now, from the first generation to the sixth generation, countless glorious legends have been created in the 65-year glorious journey!

The engine model of the Patrol 4.0L is VQ40, the maximum horsepower of the engine is 279PS, the maximum power is 205KW, and the maximum torque is 394N m. The Patrol 4.0 is enough for some riders, but it is not enough for most riders, which is why so many riders have modified the supercharger.

VT twin-screw supercharger is the special screw-type supercharger for Tule Y62. It is a volumetric supercharger. Because the crankshaft drives the supercharger, the amount of compressed air is fixed, whether it is high rotation or low rotation. , its ratio is almost fixed. The effect of the front and middle sections of the twin-screw supercharger is very good, especially when overtaking at the start, the power increase is very fast.

The maximum horsepower of the original engine is 279PS and the maximum torque is 394N·m. After upgrading the VT twin-screw supercharger kit, the horsepower can reach 385P, the torque is 552NM, and the power level has completely reached the Patrol 5.6!

This kit is easy to install, and all original positions are installed without damage. Advantages of twin-screw supercharger: linear output, low speed and high torque, fast throttle response, maintenance-free for the life of the supercharger body, no need for external links, safety and high stability. This supercharged front-mid section is ideal for urban, high-speed, and off-road driving

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