jeep wrangler 3.0/3.6 VT Supercharger jeep wrangler 3.0/3.6 VT Supercharger jeep wrangler 3.0/3.6 VT Supercharger jeep wrangler 3.0/3.6 VT Supercharger jeep wrangler 3.0/3.6 VT Supercharger
jeep wrangler 3.0/3.6 VT Supercharger

Give your jeep wrangler even more engine power with the VT Supercharger system! This kit includes everything you need, from hardware to ECU tuning. This system is specially designed for jeep Wrangler Pentastar v6 3.0L/3.6L engine, providing 40% more horsepower than stock, and an additional 30% more torque output at only 7psi boost!

The VT supercharger kit includes: supercharger body, intake manifold, mid-mounted water cooler, kettle, water pump, water-cooled radiator, belt, idler, water pipe, intake pipeline, bracket, ECU program and other related accessories.

Built-in air passages and water passages, precise installation position, harmonious appearance with the original car, adopting one-piece die-casting aluminum shell, not only lighter, but also better heat dissipation effect, super large water cooler, stable and long-lasting cooling effect, high air intake efficiency, Suitable for all-terrain road conditions.

  The kit is non-destructively installed with the original bits, only bolts are required, no broken wires, cutting and welding etc. There are two colors of red and black, and the color can also be customized according to customer needs.

The whole set has a two-year warranty and supports global shipments!

                 Jeep wrangler 3.0/3.6 installation of VT twin screw supercharger kit  

Suit for Wrangler/Grand Cherokee/Challenger/Chrysler   






power upgrade kit / increase engine displacement (Suit for Pentastar3.0/3.6 Engine)


red / black / can be customized


Start 1 set supercharger kit

Delivery time

Production: Within 5 days after receiving deposit/amount






(1)Twin-screw supercharger body (2) dedicated intake housing (3) supercharger and housing and engine fixed bracket (4) supercharger intake pipe (5) belt idler (6) special belt (7) Plug-in computer and program (8) (1) External computer wiring harness (9) Water cooler (10) Water cooler water tank (11) Water-cooled kettle (12) Water pump (13) Water-cooled water pipe (14) Water pump wiring harness

         The integrated stamping structure uses the twin-screw mechanical supercharging to directly press the air pressure inside the cylinder. 

         There is no excessive intermediate link, Attribute: Wrangler twin-screw supercharger is the most suitable supercharger since the current wrangler power upgrade, and its advantages have exceeded the efficiency of centrifugal supercharging. 

         The low twisting effect is very strong, and the power loss is small. The other supercharging has unique advantages.

Jeep Wrangler 3.6 VT twin screw supercharger kit Data Diagram


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