Japan HKS supercharger only authorized dealer in China, and global sales for three consecutive years the NO1, has become China's auto power converted the leaders of the industry, with excellent product performance and perfect after-sales service is deep global customer support and trust. Companies relying on the advanced technology in the field of industrial products, dedicated to the design and manufacture of high technology products to improve the performance of the car engine system, help customers more effective, safer, more reasonable use of fluid power and mechanical power. Pay attention to the extremely strong and reliable engine lift, while maintaining consistent with large displacement engine transient response ability. Implements the efficiency improvement and performance improvement, make the power system significantly improved, after specially designed for the development of mechanical pressurization system, cooler, resonance box, by-pass valve actuator suite after blessing, so that the maximum power and maximum torque engine has a qualitative improvement, rise as high as 40%.


GA002, Yiyou(international) Auto Parts
Commodities Trading Center ,Hengfu
Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City,
Guangdong Province

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